These Abandoned Aircraft Will Leave You Speechless

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Corsair wreck in Hawaii

Are you fascinated by airplanes? So are we. Check out these amazing photographs of abandoned airplanes that once flew glorious through the air, but now lay abandoned on the ground around the world.


B-2 Stealth Bomber

This billion-dollar B-2 Stealth Bomber crashed in Guam and had to be extinguished on the runway by safety crews on this small Pacific island.

[Photo: Aquaimages]


Pegasus Field Airport

Talk about remote locations: Pegasus Field is an airstrip in Antarctica. The airfield is named after Pegasus, a C-121 Lockheed Constellation, pictured above. The plane crashed in bad weather on October 8, 1970 and is still there, buried in the ice and snow. No one onboard was injured in the crash.

[Photo: Eli Duke]


Khodynka Airdrome

Abandoned aircraft museum at Khodynka Airdrome in Russia, which is also the site of the very first flight in Russia in 1910. It served as an air force base until the early 2000’s.


Mikoyan MiG-23M

The Mikoyan used to be a part of the Central Aerodome Museum at Frunze Central Airfield.

[Photo: Alan Wilson]


War of the Worlds

This “wrecked” commercial airliner is actually a prop from Steven Spielberg’s 2005 movie, “War of the World”. It can be seen today at Universal Studios in California.

[Photo: YoNoSoyTu]


F-101B Voodoo

A derelict F-101B Voodoo, tail number 58-0328, sits on a snowy field at Fort Indiantown Gap in Pennsylvania. This F-101 was actually never flown by the PA National Guard – this particularly plane came here via the North Dakota Air National Guard. The F-101 was originally designed as a long-range bomber escort.


Jet Provost

The Jet Provost was used by the UK for training pilots how to fly jet-powered aircraft. This one lies discarded in a field outside of Bristol (UK).

[Photo: GorissenM]


Desert Jet

This beautifully lit photo of an abandoned, wingless fighter plane was taken by photographer Jonathan Haeber.


F-101A “Voodoo”


The F-101A’s were used as jet-powered escort fighters. It was affectionately called the “One-oh-Wonder”,

[Photo: .freeside.]


Wrecked Airplane

The story of this mangled plane is lost to history, but this haunting image fills the mind with many scary and unfortunate possibilities.



Corsair wreck in Hawaii

An advanced dive setting in about 105 feet [32 m] of water, the Corsair is the only wreck visited by divers in Hawaii that was not intentionally sunk. While on a training mission off the coast of Hawaii Kai in 1946, the pilot ran out of fuel and safely bailed out, leaving the plane to rest on the sandy bottom.


Jumbo Jet 747

This abandoned jumbo jet in Korea has quite the backstory.

The plane was once called the Juan T. Trippe and was the centerpiece of the famous Pan Am company. It was built in 1970 as the world’s first commercial jumbo jet.

After it was decommissioned, a visionary couple in South Korea purchased the plane, had it disassembled and shipped from California to Korea, and then had it reassembled and turned into a swanky Asian restaurant.

Unfortunately, the restaurant was a flop and the plane now sits with a commanding view of the city but no one to appreciate it.

[Photo: Kanghee Rhee]


Our beautiful planet is also filled with abandoned military bases. Click the link to see more.