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Abandoned Mansions with a Ghostly Beauty All Their Own

abandoned mansion in france

Mansions are the things of our dreams, representing a life of luxury, glamour and ease. We’ve all fantasized about living in a palatial home, complete with all the beautiful furniture and refinements one can imagine.

Yes, mansions are beautiful things…until they’re not. Even these once-wonderous homes can be abandoned by their owners and left to rot away into history.

Check out these images of haunting and mysterious abandoned mansions and decide for yourself if they still maintain a ghostly reflection of their former glory.

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Istanbul, Turkey

Abandoned waterfront mansion in Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul’s Bosphorus Strait is home to more than 600 Yali houses and mansions. Many of them are beautifully kept, but this mansion has been forgotten by the world. Its location on the water and access to docks would have made it the perfect place for its well-to-do owner.

Sadly, this abandoned mansion has now been gutted and shows no signs of hope for future restoration.

Istanbul, Turkey